Delray Beach
15300 Jog Road, # 107-108
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Delray Beach
15300 Jog Road, # 107-108
Delray Beach, FL, 33446

What causes Spinal Pain?

As anyone who has ever experienced a backache or some other form of spinal pain knows, the level of discomfort can be so debilitating that an individual is unable to perform even the simplest daily tasks. There are many different reasons why people may experience this type of pain. Fortunately, these can frequently be minimized or even eliminated with lifestyle changes or medication. Even the most severe causes for spinal pain may be corrected with surgery.

One of the most common reasons for spinal pain has to do with the general condition of the body. Carrying around excess weight places additional strain on the spine and over time can cause pain in both the upper and lower back regions. When obesity is the cause for back pain, engaging in an effective weight loss program can bring relief. Along with slimming down, sticking to a daily exercise program will also help restore a free range of movement and help to keep the muscles along the spine vibrant and strong.

Dr. Eidelson is a renowned specialist in the treatment of Spinal Stenosis and other degenerative spinal conditions. Many of these conditions have genetic causes, but lifestyle also plays a role in their development. Correct treatment often means a return to an active and rewarding lifestyle.
Spinal pain may also occur as a result of some type of trauma or fracture to the spine. Often, the symptoms may include sharp recurring pain that seems to originate with the back but emanates throughout the arms and legs. Depending on the severity of the trauma, we may choose to utilize medication as the main treatment. However, if the fracture is severe and there is a chance of some type of permanent damage, surgery may be necessary.

A misalignment of the spine that occurs gradually over time can lead to a great deal of spinal pain. Along with vertebrae being in an unnatural position, the misalignment can also pinch the surrounding nerves, leading to a great deal of discomfort. It is important to receive a correct diagnosis to insure that an effective treatment program is developed.

Our practice incorporates the most advanced minimally invasive surgical practices along with innovative and results oriented pain management techniques.  



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